Buffaloes are on the midst of moving forward into the changing of the guard and entering a new era by leaning back to their old ways of once again becoming a powerhouse. But it’s going to take some major work and they are more than likely not going to accomplish this for the 2011 season.

New head man John Embree brings an entire new coaching staff with him and traditional Colorado experience. Embree played tight-end himself in the mid 80’s for the Buffs and made it to the NFL. His goal is to bring back Colorado from the bottom up to the top once again.

The Buffaloes troubles from former  head coach Dan Hawkins are behind them and they can move ahead. Winning may not happen right away but with 12 returning starters the team can definitely be the surprise coming from the south division.

Colorado has to face one of the toughest schedules in college football this season so it will not be easy to make an impact in the PAC-12 this season out of Conference they play Hawaii, Colorado State and Ohio State and actually are given extra conference game with the California Bears due to the advanced scheduling at the same time they face all the ranked conference opponents Stanford, Oregon and USC, this will present quite a challenge in front of them.

If they manage to somehow sneak through the tough schedule they will be led by quarterback Tyler Hansen. Finally he is the clear cut starter the team adds to dangerous wide-outs Toney Clemons and Paul Richardson. Hansen may have only played in only seven games in his career, at quarterback he holds the school-record 68.3 passing percentage.

The running game is the also solid and could become strength and well coached by former Buffs player Eric Bienemy. The unit is led by Rodney Stewart, who was the Big 12′s third-leading rusher last season.

The defense could become the strength of the unit but they just lost two great college corners to the NFL Jimmy Smith and Jahil Brown. However, at other positions they have upcoming talents to watch like free safety Ray Polk that may become one of the most talented players on the field at all times and linebacker Jon Major is one of the top NFL prospects and probably the most talented player at his position in the conference.

The team has many concerns to come into place this season new coaches, new offense, new conference and that maybe more than any complete team can handle in a season. And having no off week for 13 consecutive games will not be easy on any of the players. But with time this unit can become one of the stronger teams in the conference but more than likely it won’t be this season. They may surprise us but in reality I checking in them falling to fifth in the Pac-12 south and finishing 5-8 sorry Buffs fans.  Coach Embree says “We are focus on building a program and building it the right way” that’s the direction they will move towards but it will take time.


History:  The Colorado Buffaloes are coming from the Big 12 conference; they have slid down the rankings in the past five years but were once a powerhouse the previous 15 years and won several Big 12 titles including appear in two national title games winning won in 1991 over Notre Dame. The last great BCS game was in the Fiesta Bowl in 2001 when the Buffs played against their new conference opponent the Oregon Ducks. But that was ten years ago and lots has changed since.