When you look at the Washington Redskins, all you can pull out is a laugh. Chuckle at least. Washington started off strong, leading the division, but things collapsed soon after that. It all started when Donovan McNabb struggled against the Detroit Lions. With this, Mike Shanahan put in Rex Grossman, who didn't play any better than No. 5 did. Shanahan would lie to the media, saying that McNabb got benched because he wasn't fit enough for two-minute drill type situations.

Now the Redskins stand at 5-9, and they don't plan to do much better. They have gone from the top of the NFC East from all the way down to rock bottom. And for McNabb, you can tell he really doesn't want to be here anymore. The Redskins continue to betray him. Shanahan will be evaluating who will start at quarterback for next week's game. You can bet all your money that isn't going to be McNabb, who will most likely be last on the depth chart. John Beck and Rex Grossman will fight for the starting job next week, but no matter what, both of them will ultimately be ahead of McNabb.

McNabb is now officially benched. This is just like his last seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. Now it will be with the Redskins, his first, but maybe last and only season with them. McNabb did not like how the Redskins handled the situation of his benching.

"Everything was handled awkwardly," McNabb said Tuesday on his weekly radio show on ESPN980, "somewhat to a disrespect to me and to the team."

McNabb would like it if he was heard about this earlier. But Shanahan continues to be thoughtless and making the stupidest decisions I have seen. I don't see why the Redskins would bench McNabb, a Pro-Bowler who has appeared in what--five NFC Championship games--in favor of Rex Grossman, who choked for his Chicago Bears in a Super Bowl and is completely inconsistent; or even John Beck, who will end his career to be known as a third-stringer.

"I was pulled back by it. All of a sudden you get this news a couple of days before the game, you do feel somewhat disrespected," McNabb said. "You could have told me earlier or at least prepared me for it. ... The term I did use was professional. You would like to hear it early, and if you hear it late, it kind of throws off the preparation for a lot of guys."

Obviously, McNabb gives this team the best chance to win. How is it that Brett Favre continues to start when he struggles? Because he gives the Minnesota Vikings the best chance to win. McNabb has 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions and is coming off one of the worst seasons of his career. Well, what does he have offense? I don't see how people can expect that Grossman or Beck could do better. McNabb also has a 77.1 rating. Grossman may have a 90.9 rating, but he was 23-of-43 in his last game. Beck hasn't done anything this season, and will be a second-stringer. It's just clueless.

"The way this whole thing went down to me was 'off' and one that I strongly disagree with because I've always believed that if you start something you finish it," McNabb said. "I wanted to be out there with the team. ... Other quarterbacks have struggled a little bit, but I'm the one that's got to go through this 'evaluation process.' "

Sometimes it always gets me to a point: Is it because he is a black quarterback? Many black quarterbacks are treated unfair in the NFL. Go ahead, look it up yourself. It's true. Why else was Warren Moon always traded and sometimes criticized, same with Randall Cunningham. McNabb is probably the most criticized among black quarterbacks, as many always say he is overrated. If I were to truly rank him among the greats, he would easily be in my Top 20, maybe 15. And now here he is, a third-string quarterback.

"Yeah, I don't think too many guys go from 1 to 3," he answered. "That's an unfortunate situation that I guess I'm one of a few to be a part of."

I don't see the point of the Redskins giving McNabb an extension this season. There was no point. Obviously, McNabb wants to leave. He has to leave.

"I love the fans here. ... I've enjoyed myself here," he said. "I think we can do some good things here."

Notice how he said "I've enjoyed myself here." Enjoyed, huh? Past-tense, I am sensing. All I can say is that McNabb should request a release or a trade. I have never seen a quarterback been treated this unfairly. It's really sad. Right now, I picture teams like the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings as future destinations. You can even put the Arizona Cardinals in the mix.

With this, McNabb could easily be the starter and he will ultimately have more receiving weapons. In Seattle, he could have Mike Williams, Golden Tate, and possibly Terrell Owens. The Seahawks have been rumored as the top destination for T.O. once the free agency comes by. The Vikings are also an option once Brett Favre is done. Favre will have a solid running game and three solid targets in Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, and Visante Shiancoe. With the Cardinals, he has a great running back in Beanie Wells. He also has Tim Hightower, who is a good receiving back. He also has one of the best receivers to throw to in Larry Fitzgerald.

At least in all those places, he can be respected. Many fanbases for those teams want him here.

The Redskins can continue to make bad choices.

It's just another season down the drain for them.

As for McNabb, the time to leave is now.