It was a couple of months ago that I was added to the all star lineup that is team.  These heavy lifters of journalistic prowess have taken FanVsFan by storm, coming together from individual sites to create the sports equivalent of The Justice League.  Of course, I've been the Robin of the group, essentially rendering myself useless with every wrestling article I write, but no more!  I am ready to make my debut on!

This decision is very calculated, as I will be giving my thoughts on something that just about everyone and their mother have written about already, the Carmelo Anthony trade.  Why?  Because if I don't, it's like being at a party and noticing a giant terd in the punch bowl.  It's just something that needs to be addressed.

As for the trade, it played out like a romance on a 90's sitcom.  We all knew they would end up together in the end, but it took WAYYYYY too long to get there.  Ever since Chris Paul declared that he and Melo would join Amare in NY this summer at Carmelo's wedding (drunken ramblings are a sober man's truth right?), fans around the country waited for the trigger to be pulled.  No matter what rumors floated around in regards to Carmelo and another suitor, you always knew the Knicks were where he wanted to be.  I mean hey, Topanga had a fling or two outside of Corey Matthews right?

It had to be tempting for Carmelo though.  When you are being lured by billionaires, rap moguls, star players, and big promises, it has to be hard to say no.  But say no he did, until he got his wish.  I think it's been about jersey color all along. 

Think about it.  Mr. Anthony went to Syracuse over every other college in the nation.  The guy could have went anywhere but chose to play for Jim Boeheim and the Orangemen.  He goes in, dominates, collects a ring, and is off to the NBA.  An east coast kid, he was probably never happy about playing in Denver, but more importantly, hated the baby blue and gold ensemble that they forced him to wear.

Melo was like a angst ridden teen at a parochial school, forever depressed by the prospect of wearing clothing he did not pick out himself.  He layed down in his Denver bed, dreaming the sweet dreams of one day donning orange again. 

Of course, suitors along the way offered him reds and blues and even blacks, but all he dreamed of was orange.  Now, that is a reality. 

All kidding aside, this is obviously a huge move for the Knicks.  There hasn't been this much excitement surrounding this organization since Grandmama was here.  On a side note, was there any less inimidating nickname than Grandmama?

With Anthony, the Knicks have two legitimate superstars under the age of 30.  Both are athletic scorers of the basketball with a combined one year of colllege education.  Is anyone else thinking that this combination in New York City is a recipe for bad decisions?  I would kill to see the eyes of tabloid writers at this moment. 

Along with Anthony, the Knicks brought in Sheldon Williams and his tiny head, Anthony Carter, Chauncey Billups, and Corey Brewer from the Timberwolves.  Of all the writers out there, I might be the only one who cares that the Knicks got Brewer, but as a Gator, it's important to show your allegiances when you can.  Brewer is a solid defender when healthy, but at 6'9" 120 pounds, it's pretty hard to stay that way.  Someone get the guy to Benihana!

The rest will contribute, but some speculate that Billups already disliked the idea of playing with a selfish Carmelo while in Denver.  Fair point, but you just got traded to a team with Amare Stoudemire.  For a point guard, that's a dream come true.  Do you know how easy it is to rack up assists with two scorers?  This guy has a chance to make himself look more attractive on the open market than Kim Kardashian.  If I were him, I'd shut up and play with the two superstars around me and thank the sweet lord baby jesus for the opportunity. 

So who benefitted the most from this trade?  Carmelo obviously, as he finally gets to wear orange again, and the fans of New York.  Now, the back pages are free for A-Rod's antics just in time for the baseball season to begin.  All is right in the world!