The Boston Celtics completed a 4-0 first round sweep with a 101-89 win over New York; the Knicks becoming the first team eliminated from this season's playoffs.

It has been 10 years since the Knicks finished with a record over .500 and it has also been that long since they last won a playoff game.  They made the playoffs in the 2003/04 season, albeit with a losing record, and were swept 4-0 by the New Jersey Nets.  Other than that, there wasn't really much to smile about, there wasn't really much to smile about if you were a Knicks fan.

The Knicks had their chances to make this series competitive.  Infact, they probably could have won the first two games in Boston.  In the first game, Carmelo Anthony's attempt to win the game saw him take an ill-advised jumper, while Kevin Garnett came up with the game winning play on defense to seal the second game.  After that, the Celtics just dominated on both sides of the ball.

As a Knicks fan, you have to at least be encouraged with the steps that the organization is making.  Of course I do feel that they gave up too much to acquire Carmelo Anthony, whose desire to play for the Knicks was well documented.  Therefore it wasn't a surprise that Denver demanded a king's ransom for Anthony's release.

The Knicks stumbled through some games before getting Anthony, and they stumbled through games after getting Anthony.  They lost to teams that they should have beat, and should have finished with a better record than 42-40.  However, after a rather forgettable decade, a winning record and trip to the playoffs is a much welcome relief.

The Knicks are still missing some key pieces necessary for them to become a title contender.  With Stoudemire and Anthony, the Knicks can now become big players in free agency.  Outside of the Boston Celtics who went from zero to NBA Champions in 2008, almost all championship teams require a little time and a lot of patience; because once you taste success, you have the desire to sustain it.

So despite getting swept by the Celtics, Knicks fans shouldn't walk with their heads down.  It's been a good season and hopefully, better things lie ahead.