Okay, so we all know about the latest news about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade mocking Dirk Nowitzki's illness. Nowitzki recalled saying what the two superstars did was "childish."

Listen, I have no idea why everyone is making a huge deal out of this because this shouldn't even be news at all. It just shows how much the media is obsessed with the Heat. Like, really, come on now.

I bet if a team like the Knicks or something did the exact same thing, it wouldn't be newsworthy. Not at all. It wouldn't even be recorded on a camera like what happened in the latest video.

You could see in the interview Nowitzki had with ESPN, he really didn't even care for it all. He just said it was childish and that was it. All he is focused on is a championship. Obviously, this doesn't mean the Heat aren't. Doesn't anyone realize that a lot of NBA players do this anyway?

So what's the big deal, because I don't see any news out of it whatsoever. And yet, everyone get pissed off at this. Come on, Dirk Nowtizki probably could have done the same thing. They are just playing around. They aren't literally taking shots at Dirk, but that is what the media wants to portray it as.

Well, whatever gives them hits.

However, we shouldn't even be mad. This just gives people even more hate for LeBron James. Everyone is hating on James more for this, and if the Heat don't win a title, it's gonna be a long summer for the South Beach Superteam.

But everyone is acting like Dwyane Wade wasn't even there and James did everything. It kind of reminds me like the New York Yankees with Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Everyone loves Jeter and whatever he does, no one cares about and they think anything negative he has done doesn't even exist. But it's different for A-Rod, because everything he does is closely looked at.

So if A-Rod and Jeter did something like this, all the shots will go to A-Rod. LeBron is the A-Rod of the NBA and Dwyane Wade is the Derek Jeter. Come on, people, everyone loves Dwyane Wade, who doesn't? He wasn't even looked at in the video. No one acted like he was there.

All the shots were aimed at LeBron, and I'm not surprised.

But seriously, back to what I was going at: STOP MAKING A BIG DEAL OUT OF THIS! It's the NBA, folks. Athletes do this to one another, it's not like they are being serious about it and actually are taking shots at Dirk. They probably know better.

Why are we making a big deal?