"Crazy. Karma is a b****. Gets you every time. It's not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!"

That is from Lebron James' twitter account. It was tweeted shortly after his former team the Cleveland Cavs lost horribly to the defending champion LA Lakers. It sure seems like James is taking what he said in his Nike spot to heart about being the villain. Memo to Lebron: if you wanna be the villain keep it up.

The 57 points the Cavs managed to score was the fewest in franchise history. The starters only managed to score 23 of those 57. Also the Cavs were without Daniel Gibson, Anthony Parker and Anderson Varejao and lost Christian Eyenga during the game. So they only had 9 healthy players against a very healthy Lakers team.

I actually don't know what annoys me more that Lebron think God is punishing the Cavs and owner Dan Gilbert for speaking bad of the "King" or that he uses karma and God together since Christians don't believe in karma.

Remember when Lebron was smart? Where are all those smart people who used to whisper in his ear? Because it just seems like Lebron keeps making bad choice after bad choice.

I wish Lebron would take another piece of his own advice from his Nike commercial and just disappear.