My Record this week: 9-7

Overall:  156-100


Falcons vs Panthers: 31-10 Falcons

Falcons Player of the Week:  Matt Ryan- 236 Pass Yards, 2 Touchdowns

Panthers Player of the Week: Brandon LaFell- 60 Rush Yards and 63 Receiving Yards

The Falcons clinch a 1st round bye and were the NFC South divisional champs with an easy win


Steelers vs Browns: 41-9 Steelers

Steelers Player of the Week: Mike Wallace- 106 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

Browns Player of the Week: Brian Robiskie- 36 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

The Steelers demolish the Browns and get a 1st round bye in the playoffs due to winning the AFC North


Lions vs Vikings: 20-13 Lions:

Lions Player of the Week: Nate Burleson- 83 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

Vikings Player of the Week: Jared Allen- 4 Tackles, .5 Sacks, 1 Interception, and 1 Touchdown

The Lions end the season on a great note, and overall had a good season, for the Lions.


Raiders vs Chiefs: 31-10 Raiders

Raiders Player of the Week: Michael Bush- 137 Rushing Yards and 1 Touchdown

Chiefs Player of the Week: Jamaal Charles- 87 Rush Yards and 1 Touchdown

The Raiders also end the season on a good note, while the Chiefs look sketchy for postseason play


Patriots vs Dolphins: 38-7 Patriots

Patriots Player of the Week: Rob Gronkowski- 102 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

Dolphins Player of the Week: Brandon Marshall- 97 Receiving Yards

The Patriots demolish the troubled Dolphins and are in great shape for the postseason


Bucs vs Saints: 23-13 Bucs

Bucs Player of the Week: Josh Freeman- 255 Pass Yards and 2 Touchdowns

Saints Player of the Week: Reggie Bush- 70 Rush Yards and 55 Receiving Yards

Although they are not in the playoffs, the Bucs make a huge turnaround and end the season 10-6 which is much better then last year


Jets vs Bills: 38-7 Jets

Jets Player of the Week: Joe McKnight- 158 Rush Yards

Bills: Jairus Byrd- 1 Interception, 1 Touchdown, and 6 Tackles

The Jets beat the Bills by the same score as the Patriots beat the Dolphins. They get ready for the Colts next week in the playoffs


Bengals vs Ravens: 13-7 Ravens

Bengals Player of the Week: Jerome Simpson- 123 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

Ravens Player of the Week:  Ray Rice- 77 Rush Yards and 1 Touchdown

The Ravens clinch a playoff berth with an easy win over the Bengals


Chargers vs Broncos: 33-28  Chargers

Chargers Player of the Week: Ryan Matthews- 120 Rush Yards and 3 Touchdowns

Broncos Player of the Week: Tim Tebow- 205 Pass Yards, 94 Rush Yards, 3 Touchdowns (1 Rush)

The Chargers beat the Broncos to end the season, but Tebow looks good again in just 3rd start


Bears vs Packers: 10-3 Packers

Bears Player of the Week: Matt Forte- 91 Rush Yards

Packers Player of the Week: Greg Jennins- 97 Receiving Yards

The Packers clinch the final NFC playoff spot with a win over the Bears


Giants vs Redskins: 17-14 Giants

Giants Player of the Week: Mario Manningham- 101 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

Redskins Player of the Week: Rex Grossman- 336 Pass Yards and 1 Touchdown

The Giants win and end the season at 10-6 but that is not good enough for the G-Men to make the playoffs


Colts vs Titans: 23-20 Colts

Colts Player of the Week: Peyton Manning- 264 PAss Yards and 2 Touchdowns

Titans Player of the Week: Kerry Collins- 300 Pass Yards and 2 Touchdowns

The Colts clinch the AFC South again after Adam Vinatieri hits another game winning field goal


Jaguars vs Texans: 34-17 Texans

Jaguars Player of the Week: Rashad Jennigs- 108 Rush Yards, 38 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

Texans Player of the Week: Arian Foster- 180 Rush Yards and 2 Touchdown

The Jaguars were eliminated from the playoffs after a bad loss vs the Texans


Cowboys vs Eagles: 14-13 Cowboys

Cowboys Player of the Week: DeMarcus Ware- 5 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 Intercpetion, and 1 Touchdown

Eagles Player of the Week: Chad Hall- 84 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

The Eagles do the Cowboys by benching all of their starters and allowing the Cowboys to win the game


Niners vs Cardinals: 38-7 Niners

Niners Player of the Week: Brian Westbrook- 79 Rush Yards and 2 Touchdowns

Cardinals Player of the Week: Larry Fitzgerald- 125 Receiving Yards and 1 Touchdown

In the 3rd game that ended 38-7 the Niners end the season by getting the better edge on the Cardinals


Seahawks vs Rams: 16-6 Seahawks

Seahawks Player of the Week: Charlie Whitehurst- 195 Pass Yards and 1 Touchdown

Rams Player of the Week: Steven Jackson- 45 Rush Yards and 35 Receiving Yards

The Seahawks clinch the ugliest berth of playoff history, don't even want to talk about it