Sure, Charlie Plaskon's not the big-time profile athlete donning the covers of Sports Illustrated or ESPN The Magazine and he may not be on ESPN's SportsCenter shows as a top story.  But what he has accomplished so far in his 69 years of life might very well be the true definition of what it means to be a champion.

Legally blind virtually since birth, Plaskon's story is that of inspiration not just limited to what he's accomplished in his life.  A teacher with a Master's degree and a father of three kids, Plaskon has made his sports presence known as a runner.

Competing in almost two dozen marathons, the New Jersey native, who has battled with Stargardt macular degeneration, he has not let his limitations stop him from living his life and dreams.

As you'll see in this video clip, you'll see why he's just as much of a true hero as those with the multimillion dollar contracts but the humility and grace of an individual who truly deserves praise and fame.

Author's Note: Thanks to Lauren for the story lead as well as the video link on Charlie Plaskon! You can find out more about him via Lauren's website about this true hero by visiting!video-outofsight/cj4j.