Richard Sherman is NOT a thug.  Let's just get that right.

One week later, the debate "fallout" still continues, after Sherman - moments removed from making a play that helped clinch a Super Bowl berth for the Seattle Seahawks - went off on a "rant heard around the world."

First of all, let us look up the definition of the word thug.

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines thug as: a brutal ruffian, or assassin.


Oxford Dictionary's defines of thug asa violent person, or criminal.


After reading those definitions, let us now consider what Richard Sherman does for a living.  

He is registered as a football player for the NFL's Seattle Seahawks, and is nearing completion of his third year as a professional.  His current position is Defensive Back.  Some of the primary responsibilities required of his position mainly include: trying to limit the effectiveness of the opponent's receiver lined up opposite him; some hitting may be involved.

Along with his responsibilities as a professional athlete, Sherman also devotes his time to charity, having founded The Blanket Coverage, an organization devoted to helping kids have adequate school supplies and clothes. ==>

So now that we've covered what he does for a living, and having looked up the definition of thug, the question I pose is this: is it possible for Richard Sherman to devote his full time and energy to play professional football, work with his charity, and still spare a few moments to waylay and rob you?  If you answered "Yes" to that question, then you must know something about him that nobody else does; in which case, I insist that you share with us, and the rest of the world, as we are eager to learn.

Thugs don't attend graduate from Stanford.  Thugs don't earn a six-figure income playing professional sports.  

Thugs usually end up in prison, or dead; the shelf life is not that long.  

Granted, thugs don't always have to physically assault you.  There are thugs who roam the streets, dressed up in the finest business suits, driving fancy cars, and living the high life.  But that, however, is a whole other discussion.

Whatever your definition of thug may be, Richard Sherman is not it.